Nowadays scientific and tecnological developments help dentistry so,the first goal is to treat the tooth and keep it in the mouth..In some situations,in order to keep the health of the patient or plan the treatment tooth may be extracted. 
These situations: 
1-Tooth which has much caries and can not be saved because of the loss of materials. 
2-Broken teeth which are impossible to treat at the end of striking. 
3-Abscessed teeth which can not be covered inspite of root treatment 
4-moving teeth because of the abscess 
5-milk teeth whish did not go in time 
6-Teeth which have trouble because of much malcose. 
7-Teeth in the cyst or tumour 
8-Impacted teeth. 
9-In order to help to orthodontic treatment,inspite of having no problem teeth may be extracted because of narrow place. 

1-Tampon has to be kept in the mouth 30 minutes on the extracted area 
2-New tampon should not be used if it is not necessary and patients have to take care of not to demolish the formed clot. 
3-Mouth must not be washed with water 
4-During 2 hours anything should be eaten and at the end of this time absolutely lukewarm things should be preferred.Too hot or cold things sholud not be eaten or drunk. 
5-Cigarette must not be smoked 24 hours.Smoke causes demolishing the clot and infection of the extracted place.that situation called dry socket can cause pain. 
6-Alcohol must not be taken 24 hours. 
7-Extracted area must not be touched and the area must not be sucked or spitted. 
8-Extracted area should not be used 24 hours. 
9-If there is any pain aspirin sould not be used,some other pain killers should be taken.If it is possible dentist should be informed. 
10-Extracted area should be kept cleaned.It is important to prevent the waste of the food into the wound.24 hours later after the extraction,area should be brushed softly with a soft brush.Lukewarm salty water gargle can be used. 
11-It is normal to have a leak of blood in 6-24 hours.If that time is passed and also there is much blleding patient has to g oto the dentist. 
12-Dentist has to be informed if there is much bulge or pain.





 1. Anesthesia is made around the tooth

 2.Tooth is loosen by elavator

 3.Davye is used to extraction.